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Participation forms

​​Terms and How to Apply​

Terms of preparing the participation report​​​

  1. General Terms​​
    • ​​​​It is not allowed to ask outside parties to write the participation request (any applications written by outside parties shall be excluded).
    • The confidentiality of the information contained in the participation applications is guaranteed by Ras Al Khaimah Award for Educational Excellence, and shall be reviewed only by authorized persons.
    • The Arabic language shall be used in writing the participation report
    • The participation report must contain two years’ accomplishments in addition to the current year.
    • All participation reports and attachments shall be submitted to Ras Al Khaimah Award for Educational Excellence administration.
    • Four (4) final electronic copies (CD) containing the participation report with attachments shall be submitted​
  2. Technical Terms​
    • ​Clarify answers in wordings and phrases easily understood by the jury.
    • Include the name of the award category the applicant is participated in, on the left of the page header.​
    • Write the name of the school on the right margin of all pages of the participation report.
    • More attention should be paid to the process of documentation, including the numbering of the attached documents and collecting of evidences and documents related to each standard, and preparing the same for the review of the assessment team during the field visits.
    • Applicant must adhere to the use of (Arial​) font type when filling in the form, and the size of the font should be 14 for headings and 12 for body text.
    • Page Margins:
      • ​​Top, bottom, and left margins: 0.50"
      • Right margin: 1"
      • Page Header: 0.50"
      • Page Footer: 0.50"
    • Page Numbering: Page number and total number of pages should be added on the left margin of each page
    • Page Size: A4 Paper
    • Space between lines: 1.15"

    ​Maximum number of pages of the participation report
    Category​ Maximum number of pages
    ​Distinguished Educational Institution Category
    Distinguished School 70
    Distinguished School Initiative50
    Distinguished School in Innovation50
    Distinguished School in Nurturing Talented Students50
    Distinguished School in Nurturing Educationally Challenged Students50
    ​Career Excellence Category
    Distinguished Cluster Manager​ without a form
    Distinguished School Principle 20
    Distinguished School Principle Assistant 40
    Distinguished Teacher 40
    Distinguished Social/Psychological/Occupational Specialist40
    ​Distinguished School Administrator 40
    Distinguished Scientific Laboratory Specialist​40
    Distinguished Learning Resources Specialist40
    ​Innovative Teacher10​
    Student Excellence Category
    Distinguished Student Team Learning30
    Best Applied Student Project / Research 30
    Best Student Scientific Invention 30
    Gifted Student​ 30
    Community Excellence Category
    Distinguished Parents Council Category30
    Best Education Supporting Institution​​20

    Participation Forms

    1. Distinguished School Category Form
    2. Distinguished School Initiative Category Form
    3. Distinguished School in Innovation Category Form
    4. Distinguished School in Nurturing Talented Students Category Form
    5. Distinguished School in Nurturing Educationally Challenged Students Category Form
    6. Career Excellence Category Form: Distinguished School Principle
    7. Career Excellence Category Form: (Assistant Director / Distinguished Teacher / Social or Psychological or Occupational Specialist / Administrator / Distinguished Scientific Laboratory Specialist/ Distinguished Learning Resources Specialist)
    8. Innovative Teacher Category Form
    9. Distinguished Student Team Learning Category Form
    10. Best Applied Student Project Category Form
    11. Best Student Scientific Invention Category Form
    12. Gifted Student Category Form
    13. Distinguished Parents Council Category Form
    14. Best Education Supporting Institution Category Form
    15. Disting​uished Action Research or Educational Research or PhD and Master theses Cagetory Form

    ​Electronic Evaluation

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